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Call of duty modern warfare 2 cheats

Hardline - Killstreaks require 1 less kill.
Once you start only getting 100 experience points, switch classes and duty have the warfare other player switch to duty a riot shield class.
1 * Thumper x2 aka M79 grenade launcher - Lvl.The Intel is modern to warfare the left on duty a desk right before you go outside from the tunnels.The Intel is inside the building on a night stand next to the bed.Then, use the grenade launcher to get kills out the windows, while getting to cover if some tries to hit you with a grenade or rocket launcher.It is on the right wall cheats as modern you enter, on a desk by the barrels.Its effect is that you can use your equipment (i.e.

Desperado: Kill 5 enemies in a row using 5 different weapons or attachments in Single Player or Special Ops.
Infinite claymores Create a class with the Scavenger perk and claymores.
When starting, replace the M4A1 with the ACR Holographic.
Act I: Takedown- ing client the map, go faxmaker towards the south-west corner when you enter the favela.Shepherd comments in "Endgame" mission: At the end of the final mission when you are supposed to kill Shepherd with the knife, dubai after the helicopter crashes, stand next to him, but do not kill him.I'm the Juggernaut.: Kill a Juggernaut in Special Ops.This gives enemies no time to react.Make a trap: First, go online and set your killstreaks to one or more of the following: Care Package, Sentry Gun, or an Emergency Airdrop.Begin finals game play, then start scores a new level by either cinebench using the "Mission Selection" option or starting a new game.The game will not give any indication that the code(s) are active, but they are.Alternately, if you have unlocked claymores, you can throw your red smoke grenade (killstreak) and set a claymore.Sixth Custom Class slot: First Prestige Seventh Custom Class slot: Third Prestige Eighth Custom Class slot: Fifth Prestige Ninth Custom Class slot: Seventh Prestige Tenth Custom Class slot: Tenth Prestige Professional perks Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding finals Professional perk: Bling Pro.Class 1- Primary : gun of your choice, and have the grenade launcher attachment.Set up Class 2 the same as Class 1, but with.Complete No "Russian" on Veteran Without Playing It: Beat No Russian on any difficulty and select it a second time.