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Cod war patch 1.2

in a game save.
To fix this problem you need to add those missing parameters in n: for Binoculars - patch IsBinocular1; for NVG - isNVG1; isBinocular0; (because NVG is inherited from binoculars) added antipersonnel mines; ussr anti-tank mines was returned (standard model that was never patch used separate.
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After the saturation of nato air patch defense with antinuclear emitters, the last factor that prevented the Alliance from attacking Russia and China disappeared.
patch Previous developers: - Pheonix (main developer - Simus aka g521; - Kemper; - StarMeh; - flank; - Flatron525; patch - Anton- Panzer).Everything Else in the World of Memorabilia.Scan through eBays advertising memorabilia section ranging from gas and oil memorabilia to nostalgia from the tech industry to get an idea of the vast array of whats available among eBays collectible stores.Ad-World Memorabilia, patch the world of advertising is rich with a history of collectible memorabilia.

We've prepared a new patch.
Fashion developers believe that the transfer of technical characteristics of troops closer to reality allows achieving a balance in megapack the game.
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In this situation these parameters crack are assigned by default as false and can cause problems.
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added #lock and #unlock cod war patch 1.2 commands for server *Admin which can help avoiding player connections while in-game (this includes connections directed towards crashing server difficulty settings now have option to toggle showing player name on locked-on target (actual for MP added ability to change aspect ratio.
The brigade can be changed during the battle, but the change takes several minutes, during which it is impossible to ask for reinforcements.