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Dark age of camelot privat server deutsch

The vision of Uthgard has changed over time but with our relaunch we are completely focused on an authentic.65 privat experience.
You may only play camelot in one of these realms on all of your characters when playing on a traditional server, so choose your realm wisely.
Roleplaying Server (RP edit, with the addition of our new roleplaying server, Nimue, I wanted to take a moment to re-emphasize our roleplaying rules to everyone.
Game Server: Status, players: Players, created Accounts: Accounts, deutsch created Characters: Chars, welcome to Uthgard!
The server is completely Player vs Environment (a.k.a.These server types have different rules depending on which one you choose to play.For example, any blatant server violation of Rule #1 of the RoC Naming Policy will result in immediate banishment from the RP privat server as will multiple violations of the RP Server Naming Policy.Edit deutsch Any interference or disruption of scheduled events, whether run by players or by Mythic Staff, is strictly prohibited.One is to gain notoriety within your own Realm.Read more on the PvP server!Much like the Cooperative Servers, the PvP servers allow you to play characters in all three realms; however, despite this, you must fight against camelot others across ALL three realms.Servers with the Classic flag set run under traditional server rules (see above however, these servers cannot access the Trials of Atlantis expansion (Trials of Atlantis races are still available) and they have specific limitations on buffs.Communication Policy for Roleplaying Servers.Although there are some exceptions to this (see Server Types below the primary principle is that each of the Realms is at war with each of the others, and that they cannot even communicate with each other.Nayru, trishin, rajnish, the Uthgard Staff are always here to make sure that you are having a great time on our server.Be aware that breaking any of these rules, can result in disciplinary action from warnings on your account, up to banishment from the server, or termination of your account.

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The first battleground is level 1-4, the startup next is 5-9, the third is 10-14, and so forth, ending at level.
The following are startup our Classic servers: Cooperative Server (PvE/Coop edit, cooperative servers step away from the traditional ruleset, in that you may play in all three realms on these servers in a cooperative fashion.
These rules are enforced aggressively and are as follows: Roleplaying Server Addendum, edit, there are expanded rules in place that govern anyone playing on DAoC roleplaying servers.Players cannot be affected by beneficial buff spells unless grouped with the caster and are limited in range.The concept is the same: you have three realms (Albion, Hibernia, and Midgard which are all at war with each other over keeps, land, and relics.We promise you the most authentic experience visual that goes above and beyond any other server visual and a chance to go back in time during Dark Age of Camelots classic era.Blue, cirdan, crucible, decidon, genjiro, gnome, juna.May fight with any player character.Relics are controlled by groups or masquerade guilds.If member of an opposing realm can steal an enemy Relic, they can then install that Relic in one of their standard keeps.The New Frontiers are recommended for characters that have attained a fairly high level and have mastered the skills of their class.With our diligence and maturity, Uthgard boasts a much more crack stable, authentic and exploit-free gaming experience than any other freeshard.Mythic Entertainment has a strict policy of enforcement regarding these rules, and will not tolerate players coming to this server who do not or will not roleplay.