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Directx media player classic

Second internal project is swig wrapper.
Pyirrlicht, access to Irrlicht Engine SDK from media assembler, C, Python, Basic, Pascal.
Compatibility with all Python versions, wich support ctypes module.
Also irrlicht_c library give access to Irrlicht functional from other programming languages: ASM (fasm C (TinyC Basic (Freebasic, thinBasic, OxygenBasic Pascal, Gentee, AutoIt and game classic frameworks like player GameMaker or directx Blitz).
Additional support for classic SVG files over AGG or Cairo library.Python ctypes module for the Irrlicht Engine SDK for 2d/3d games and graphics.Andorra 2D is capable to use.DirectX or OpenGL through graphic plugins.DirectX, classic vidix, GGI, Quartz.#10 Re: Heroes of Thessalonica Files / Client English!"But since the Hebrew families and those traceable to proselytes, such as Achior the Ammonite., and Ruth the Moabitess, and the mixed families which had come out of Egypt, had until then been enrolled."Controversy surrounds Red Hat's "obfuscated" source code release"."3 Advantages of Using Inventory Management Software"."Downloads : Red Hat Developers"."Crunchyroll to Stream New Hunter player media x Hunter Anime"." Click here for the pictures!

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