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Drama korea gu family book ep 4

Get him to safety!
He starts to walk away, when she casually calls out, Giant spider.
All of family itwatching the drama happy family from afar, loving the noblemans daughter he can never be with, doing anything to be accepted and korea lovedits so immediately compelling and your heart just drama goes family out to him.
So-jung says gravely drama that one of them may die, and that these things are up to heaven.Whatever you do, please dont kill off Lord Park.Kang-chi returns home that night with gifts of liquor and food from the street vendors, and he presents them to his father (Lord Parks head servant, the one whose surname he took that day at the river).He loses them with one simple distraction, and twirls around in the street, wondering how they slipped away.A black-clad assassin runs across the rooftop, and they give chase.And now I'm back to waiting.One by one they fill the rooftop, and then they start appearing on the ground, right in front of them.She warns him to be careful, while hes drama still slackjawed that such creatures exist.She answers honestly that hes always been an ominous presence, from the day he entered this house, and that she has feared his whole life that hed bring harm to her children.Meanwhile, Kang-chi is busy trailing after Yeo-wool and Gon in the marketplace, thinking hes being super stealthy.Gon: Hes still following.She korea still needs more development, because for now were left to infer that she just lets people assume that shes a man until she feels like correcting them.

He demands to know who architect they are, and Gon points out that the polite thing to do would be to introduce himself first.
Kang-chi attacks, and Gon doesnt even break a sweat as he updates trips Kang-chi and sends him flying, again and again.
Episode 4 recap, we start off with a recap of Mom and Dads love story, destined for tragedy, and then catch up to Kang-chi and Yeo-wools fateful meeting under the crescent moon and peach blossom tree.She sits Kang-chi down on her own to ask why he came backdid he not take her warning seriously?There are definitely player one-dimensional characters family (especially in the villain realm) but overall the story regular is really engrossing, even before Kang-chi discovers his true nature.He says he knew this man would be a difficult opponent, but didnt expect this.He can sense somethings not right.He even has a sense of humour!Curiously, Jo Gwan-woongs head minion version just watches the fight, and notes Kang-chis glowing red bracelet.The same blue lights that once used to follow Dad around now surround Kang-chi.Dramaland: where good dads hack go to die.Lord Park starts regular to explain that there was an accident and a small wound and then stops short.Suddenly someone steps in front of Chung-jo to block his view.

They stand there looking at each other in a charged moment and then suddenly he lunges drama korea gu family book ep 4 at her.
But she kneels before him to ask for mercy.