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Garmin city navigator europe nt 2014.10 mapsource

garmin city navigator europe nt 2014.10 mapsource

Added the ability to city show or hide the left-hand (user garmin data) pane.
Added proximity waypoint support, including red-circle on graphical map.
Updated route dialog mapsource to allow copy, cut, or delete when the item is selected.
Fixed problem with User city Datum handling of Delta X, Y, and Z values.
Fixed issue where some controls on the route dialog were not being drawn correctly when the dialog was being resized.Added capability to inspect track data textually.Added support for multi-line comments europe for waypoints.Added a notes area to the route dialog.Changed the track vertical profile to use the same graphing style as the route vertical profile.Fixed issue in europe the find places dialog with displaying a street name with an character in the name.

Create a direct route if the user clicks cancel when asked for.
Fixed an issue navigator with the inability to read user data birthday from certain older GPS Devices on bloody Asian language Windows platforms.
Added preference for depth units (feet, meters, or fathoms).Removed maximize and minimize buttons quotes quotes from the Waypoint dialog since these buttons were not naruto appropriate and did not work correctly as well.Added an improved description of the removable media devices that show up in the list of devices that are automatically detected.These notes are printed with driving directions.Changed version number to use three numbers.Fixed issue on the 'find nearest' dialog where the search distance was not being updated correctly if the user modified this value and then initiated a search by hitting the Enter key.Added the capability to cut/copy/paste/delete/edit via points using a new toolbar on the route dialog.Fixed issue where a user might get birthday a partially opened GPS data file when a corrupted file is opened.Added support for products with Unlock Codes.Fixed problems with items on the map not being drawn properly while real-time tracking.Improved handling of problems in the map product installation registry.