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Multi copy paste v2.5

'Antonio, journalist'Only 50 multi euro cents for a service that I've always wanted' Diana, housewifeHow many times have you ever copied something you needed and then copy another by mistake, losing the first permanently?
Overall, this is indeed a handy piece of software, but it undoubtedly needs many improvements to paste at least dream paste about attracting more users.
Auto Delete, Automatically delete old previous notes copy as per your need.
copy Whether it's a bug report, a complaint, a concern, a suggestion, a rave review, or a profession of your undying love, please let us know at email protected paste because it either helps us improve our apps or it gives us the warm fuzzy feelings we live.Floating Widget, Directly open App to Access previous saved texts by using floating icon anytime, anywhere.No more Ads, tell US what YOU think, we value our users' feedback!Version.4Added Czech translation (by Lukas Guhl)Version.3Added the ability to merge texts rsion.2Improved stabilityVersion.1Added the ability to change the themeVersion.0Improved copy interface and servicesVersion.9Improved the overall functioningVersion.8Added a setting to choose your preferred languageVersion.7Added German languageVersion.6Added two options.

To Paste: Control Command.
By using shortcut hot-keys that you create you can easily paste previously know copied text snippets pictures or complete files multi into the required fields.
The best thing about copy paste software is it allows you to paste one thing after another without having to copy anything again.
There are two tabs, drawing "Text View" and "Files View heart each providing access to the collected data.Everyone has experienced that dreaded feeling of having to go back and copy the required text agianthat problem is is wont happen anymore when you utilise the power of Copy Paste Software.Our Copy Paste Software allows you to search all of your previously copied clipboard items using an efficient scroll bar or by typing in the search bar of the pop-up window.When you want to paste something, just enter the interior of Multi Copy Paste (thanks heart to the convenient and immediate icon in the notifications) and choose what you want to glue together all that you have copied so far!Save Loads of Time, it can extremely frustrating when you paste in some text that isnt the text you wanted.Multi Copy Paste revolutionizes the mechanism of copy-paste and makes this incredibly dynamic and intuitive!Want the chance to choose what to copy between multiple things at once?If youre unsure about the order of your last text snippet copy or you simply want to retrieve something that you copied earlier in the day then you can simply press the windows V key combination and all of the previously copied snippets of text.Tag: multi, copy, paste, copy-paste, copypaste, multiple, collection google, google play, app, store, clipboard, grill copiar, colar, copia, incolla, copy and paste.To make things super easy when youre looking know at your previously copied items all of the text snippets and pictures and files have convenient little visual icons next to them which represent where the item was copied from.Description * incredible The best of its kind' Jane, a student'Excellent for my work.The application was developed to automatically store all piece of text or files that reach the Clipboard and then let you reuse the data at any given moment.A revised an more professional look with new features that would allow users take the most out of every single built-in tool could help a lot, and so could a details help manual to provide assistance throughout the entire process.Smart Read Mode, Read all saved notes with Instant Share.To Copy: Control.

No matter which app you are using, whenever you see any text that matters to multi copy paste v2.5 you, all you have to do is to copy it and it will be automatically saved to Multi Copy Paste.
This would instantly paste the second last thing that you copied onto the page and if you pressed ctrl shft 3 this would paste the third last item that you copied.
Multi Copy Paste, Yes by this you can Oopy multiple notes saved into the app and Paste it at one place.