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Periya puranam in tamil pdf

periya puranam in tamil pdf

This work was classified as the tamil 12th ThirumuRai in the Saivaite canon books.
The reason why SEkkizhAr's PeriyapurANam is considered to tamil be a national epic by the Thamizh puranam community is due to its simple but heart moving style, to its relatively least amount of periya Sanskritization and to its emphasis on spiritual democracy whereby anyone from any caste.
It provides evidence of trade with West Asia tamil 1, the, periya Puranam is part of the corpus of Shaiva canonical works.
It was compiled during the 12th century.SEkkizhAr salient Features of Periya PuraNam, conclusion: Kampan and SEkkizhAr.A b The Home of Dancing Śivan By Paul Younger.4 full citation needed In order to wean Kulottunga periya Chola II from the heretical Jivaka Cintamani, Sekkizhar undertook the task of writing the Periyapuranam.5 full citation needed The Periyapuranam is considered as a fifth Veda in Tamil and immediately took its place as the twelfth and the last book in the Saiva canon.Both the epics remind us of the advances we have enjoyed in the field of literature so early during the march of civilization.With tamil these two resource books, SEkkizhAr found an opportunity to fulfill his desire to write a Thamizh equivalent of the Jain purANam, MahA purANam.3 full citation needed Significance edit All the saints mentioned in this epic poem are historical persons and not mythical.Background, though the AzhvArkaL and the nyAnmArkaL succeeded in spreading the ideology of Bhakthi through devotional music and complete surrender to the Divine, the use of Sivan or VishNu to represent the Divine divided the Thamizh into 2 classes, the Saivaites and VaishNavaites.Tiruttondar Puranam or, periyapuranam, composed during the rule of Kulottunga Chola II (1133-1150) stands first.They had to be imaginative in their descriptions and make them appealing to people.In particular SEkkizhar adored the devotion of Suntharar and his compilation of Thirut thoNdat thokai in which a brief sketch puranam was available on most of the nAyanmArkaL.

2, among all the update hagiographic, puranas in, tamil, Sekkizhar's.
These visits gave him the nerf opportunity to onekey learn about the nAyanmArkaL about whom he wrote in detail before concluding his work with Suntharar's own life.
SEkkizhAr's absolute devotion to Lord Sivan and the humble manner in which he pleads full for His grace are described through the prayers of KAraikAl ammiyAr ( ).
He exhorted the king to abandon the pursuit of impious erotic literature and turn completo instead to the life of the Saiva full saints celebrated by Sundaramurti Nayanar and Nambiyandar Nambi.Nayanars, the canonical poets of Tamil.Recognizing this limitation, one of the staunch devotees in the Saivaite group, SEkkizhAr decided to devote his life to gather the information on all the nAyanmArkaL, the details of which constitute the Periya PuraNam.C) Though references to the word 'literature' have been nerf made in SIvaka ChinthAmaNi, 180) and in Kampa rAmAyaNam, ), only in SEkkizhAr's Periya PurANam, one finds the word literature, employed in the specific context as used at present.5 Legend has it that the Lord himself provided Sekkizhar with the first feet of the first verse as a divine voice from the sky declaring " (ulakelam: All the world).He also wished to impress the King with the superiority of the Saiva faith over Jainism towards which the King tended to lean favourably.

Sekkizhar compiled and wrote the, periya Puranam or the.
The king thereupon invited Sekkizhar to expound the lives of periya puranam in tamil pdf the Saiva saints in a great poem.
The following passage is an example the easy flowing style of his poem in which he says "These servants of God are great comparable only to themselves; by sheer service they win over us; they are capable of winning the world with their uniqueness; they.