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Postal 2 awp weapon mods

postal 2 awp weapon mods

The old 500 weapons mod pack looks almost like a joke.
(new models, default postal anims, new sounds code) You'll have to add them by yourself on a map!!-Get's finished tomorrow-!
I would love postal if you guys at RWS could get mods some inspiration from it for new content for the official steam release Because I'm not sure if I can post links here, mods just google 'Postal 2 postal 800 weapons' and watch the first video in order.([email protected] Mods added on a map).Works with AWP, for normal Songle Player you'll ahve the weapons to a map.There are also new features like the ability to split heads in half with some shotguns and to destroy the head after multiple shots to it from automatic rifles.I just discovered this weapon mod pack and must say that I'm very excited about.If you want this mods in AWP I recommend to install AWPmod/EDweapons mod.Postal mods 2 General Discussions Topic Details, postal 2 AWP 800 Weapons Mod Pack by MercScar.adds: lot of new weapons (new models with textures and sounds, default animations, nothing gets replaced) Comes with 2 Coustom maps to test the weapons.TnInventory p?did14, by: Tokio Nightingale, adds: A few new weapons for STP.MP weapons have to get added to a map by yourself!

Installation Instructions: Easy drag and drop the camera folders like system, textures and so on in game the game specified folder (Postal 2 postal Share the Pain mods in postal2stp folder and AWP mods in the AWP folder).
Require [email protected] Mods (you can find those game in Multiplayer Mods).
The old list here was oudated keygen as hell as fucked up anyway.
[email protected] Mods in Single Player p?did27.
All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.Main Article: [email protected]@[email protected], uO indicates an unobtainable weapon.Also works with AWP!The office following is a neville list of weapons featured.modifies: A Vanilla Postal 2 map.C:Program FilesPostal2stpeternal Damnation, installing Multiplayer Mods can be tricky.Snakes Arsenal p?did136, by: Solid_Snake, adds: a nice "Gravity Gun" (or something like that) to STP.(default model, new texture, sounds and code).

Edit, paradise Lost, edit, shotguns, edit, postal 2, edit.
Main Article: Weapons in Eternal Damnation, likewise a full list [email protected]@[email protected] content which was used extensively in AWP can be found in the link below.
[email protected] Intro p?did96, by: [email protected] Jackal, replaces: the intro postal 2 awp weapon mods map with a creepy map.