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Remove startup programs windows xp registry

Safe Mode menu programs and Shift key to prevent certain, windows XP startup programs from loading.
Dig Deeper on Microsoft Windows XP Pro.
Warning: Editing the registry is programs dangerous.
When you open that you'll see all the programs and their status, including start up behavior.Calls to processes that are run only after the next reboot can be found beneath the following registry locations: finding calls to processes that run each time Windows is booted is a bit trickier.The System Configuration Utility programs and the trouble with networks.Therefore, you will find a duplicate set of remove Group Policy settings beneath the Group Policy Editor's Computer Configuration container at Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesLogon.Editing the registry, the Windows registry can be configured to launch applications at startup.If so, try to remove it from there.Finally, a third way to affect how things work is to go into "computer management".These items are generally located windows in one of two startup areas.

I will talk about startup identifying unknown processes in much more detail later in this series.
For now, however, if you need to registry identify a startup process prior to deleting a registry key that calls it, try doing a Google search on the process' file name.
In this article, I will continue the discussion by showing you some of programs the more advanced techniques for disabling annoying Windows XP startup programs.Ideally they would all do the same thing, but *maybe not.In fact, adding calls to launch applications to the Windows registry is a favorite technique of malware authors.Editing the registry works really well if you find yourself having to manually remove an unwanted process from one or two workstations.It is common for some types of malware to create a call to a malicious process for each individual user.Calls to startup processes can be associated either with the computer or with the user account.Brien Posey, published:, part 1, part.If you unchecked it in msconfig, it ought, by rights, to be listed there as either "manual" or "disabled" in its startup behavior, and also as NOT "started" currently, presuming you have not run the program since starting.You'll get programs a box and one item will be services.There could be a setting within the program you can change so this does not happen, or the program may not have this feature and you are probably going to have to live with.Therefore, if you are trying to track down a malicious process, then it is a good idea to check each user account.To access the common registry locations of these items take a look in the following areas: if you have disabled items in the System Configuration Utility windows and would like to remove them from the registry also they can be found in one of the following.So these are 3 ways of affecting what programs starts.He has served as CIO for a nationwide chain of hospitals and was once in charge of IT security for Fort Knox.

Keep in mind though that the technique I am about to show you is an all or nothing proposition.
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