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Scanner codes for oregon

'Also codes contained within this system but not listed below are all public safety agencies including Fire, EMS Public Works as well as some frequencies for Vancouver, Washington and Milwaukie, Oregon.
They are used to indicate the resolution of the call.
Audio, frequencies talkgroups, trunking frequencies, these are the frequencies for the Portland Area Public Safety oregon Motorola Type II Analog Trunking System.Patrol : PPB Southeast Pct.It's not always easy to pick up on codes the style of communications and radio lingo - scanner oregon it takes time and experience to piece things together quickly.ALS - codes Advanced Life Support boec - Bureau of Emergeny Communications booster - Shoplifter comet - Corridor Management Team criss - Columbia Regional Information codes Sharing System DK - Drunk duii - Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants DVD - Drug Vice Division DWI - Driving.Top Notch and have the most stressful jobs I can imagine.Union County Repeater 155.830, union County Road Department 155.940, tricounty Repeater System 154.8600, union County Search Rescue (SAR Orange) 155.805, sAR Brown 155.7975, sAR Green 155.8125, sAR Purple codes 155.1525.

10-72 Out of Service - Detail - Usually just say "610 on a detail from 124" 10-73 Out of Service - Follow Up - Usually say "I'll be at xxx on a follow up" 10-74 Out of Service - Servicing Equipment to Stanton Yard for.
BFA Black Female Adult, wMA White Male Adult, wFA White Female Adult.
This makes it dropbox a bit harder to know what is going on but you should be able to get most of the information if you listen carefully.
Grants Pass Public Safety and the Josephine County delay Sheriff's Office both use mostly plain-text radio communications with delay the exception of a small number of status/info codes.
216 Xray Corporal 2 For MPD, 1-8 Beat 2Xray6 Charlie CSO 2 For MPD, 1-8 Beat 2Charlie2 David Detective 2 For MPD, 2David12 counter Marie Motorcycle- 2 For MPD, 1-8 Beat 2Marie7 600 Central Point Police comparator 3100 Oregon State Police 4100 Shady Cove 4200 Butte Falls.In propagation 2016, the US government recommended the use of everyday language to avoid confusion due to lack of standardization.For those new to monitoring law enforcement or new to Multnomah County, deciphering the messages in a call can be intimidating.Four digit political unit number identification: 1st digit: As defined below 2nd digit: Agency identification 3rd 4th digit: Unit number.Some of the other codes found here are official but do not fall under any of the other headings.Q - dispatcher terminated 1 - Cancel - Used if a call was canceled 2 - Re-Assigned - Usually due to assignment error R - report will BE written 1 - Original - Most calls end with R1 (Phonetic seldom used) 2 - Supplemental.V Victor, j John, w William K King X X-ray L Lincoln Y Young or Yellow M Mary Z Zebra Unit Designators Unit designators are generally used to determine the type of police unit calling into dispatch (and can determine officer rank, vehicle type, special.I have been monitoring in Multnomah County for over 20 years and have heard very few unprofessional or erroneous calls.Police identifiers: 200 MPD Patrol Units- 2 For MPD 1-6 Team Number, 1-8 for Beat they cover.Grants Pass Police and Josephine County Sheriff Code ebook Description Code 1 Proceed at your convenience, no lights/siren Code 2 Proceed immediately, lights/siren only when necessary through traffic Code 3 Proceed immediately, full lights/siren - often just referred to as "code" Code 4 Situation is "under.

Patrol : PPB Northeast Pct.
Definitions vary wildly by State scanner codes for oregon even precinct.
07472 - PPB Central 09456 - PPB Southeast 10704 - PPB North 12752 - PPB East 30576 - PPB Northeast 09459 - PPB NE/SE/East Nights 10707 - PPB North/Central Nights 20816 - Multnomah County Sheriff 00464 - Fairview 15312 - Troutdale PD Common 26128.