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The walking dead season 2 episode 13 mkv

We need longer conflicts.
Fear The Walking Dead saw Chris go full villain in Sunday night's episode 'Date of episode Death.' It also saw Madison's hotel overrun with survivors thanks to dead her big error in judgment last week.
Most of the episode stuck with Travis and episode Chris, and dead the Very Bad Dudes not listening to any smart advice, eating all the chickens instead of saving any for eggs.Chris is bad news.He's just going to do whatever he wants to do, and part of that is getting out from under Madison's overbearing parenting style.A walking little bit took place season at the hotel.Nick is off in a community we have no reason to care about.I suppose the next few episodes will deal with the Very Bad Dudes arriving at the hotel, and with the gang discovering Alejandro's community.His regret is impenetrable and his guilt absurd.Travis took two days episode on foot to get this far, but they dead were in a truck.What we don't need lots of long monologues and some choppy dialogue with Madison.

He committed suicide and even left a note.
Alejandro and his happy community book are utterly destroyed.
And Travis finally unites with Madison and her group after splitting birthday ways with Chris, quotes who became even more loathsome than he already birthday was by betraying his father and helping to kill yet another living, breathing human being.
Meanwhile, Chris just gets more and more awful by the minute, conspiring against his father, and ultimately abandoning birthday him to go off with a couple really bad dudes he barely knows.
No amount of parental love can change that.Madison eats it and becomes a super zombie.We should see, travis beat himself.Or get Abigail back.Because she sees their father's "darkness" happy in Nick.Here's my quick wishlist: Daniel Salazar returns and saves the day.