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Zone of the dead game

The raiding group can steal resources from the compound's storage and zone production buildings, but must also face any traps or survivors present there, which will be zone controlled by the.
It has been reworked from its TLS:UC incarnation, the details of which are covered in the article.
Reveals the Recon survivor class and zone the Compound Security mechanic.It's like another dead game.Armor Games on game August 14, 2012, Kongregate on December 18, 2012 and, yahoo Games on March 6, 2014, all of which require the user to create a free account to play the game.Ambience loop Halloween Ambience loop (2016) Undead Blitz Ambience loop (Halloween 2017) Z-Mas Ambience loop External links Edit While the TLS:DZ Story Timeline is technically a storyline, it game describes events before the start of the game, thus it will not be counted.A report from the Department of Defense dead about the effects of a new type of bomb.Compound Edit Main article: Compound The Compound is the player's base of operations in the Dead Zone and the home of all the survivors in their group.Neighborhood Edit Main article: Neighborhood The Neighborhood is where other players' compounds can be seen and be interacted with.Books zone Edit Main articles: Books and Tactics Manual Up to 4 Books and 1 Tactics Manual can be equipped at a time to modify various aspects of the game like XP gain, resource production rates or zombie health.Weapon Attachments and Conditions Edit Main article: Weapon Attachments and Conditions Weapon Attachments and Conditions affect the various statistics possessed by weapons.See Category:DZ Weapons, Gear, Components, Junk, Schematics, Medical Items and Clothing.

It can be finance obtained by purchasing it with Fuel from The Store or by taking sufficient damage in a raid.
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Select from a number of classes including Fighters, Engineers, Medics, Scavengers and Recon.
When the zombie are raising, fire!In order to unlock them, one had to press the Like button on The Last Stand's Facebook page.All civilians to be considered infected." A note, likely written by Jack.Now you need shoot and kill all the zombies and recover the anti-virus.See Category:Compound pages for a list.All players start with seven days of protection, to ease them.It is also a prerequisite yellow for the Trading system.For the location, see.Survivor debugger Classes john Edit Survivors can now be one of 5 different classes ( Fighter, Engineer, Medic, Recon, Scavenger each with its own zone strengths and weaknesses.Research Edit Main article: Research Survivors can conduct research projects to upgrade and improve various aspects of their compound or equipment.

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The Last Stand: Dead zone of the dead game Zone, often abbreviated as, tLS:DZ or, dZ, is the fourth installment in the.